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Working With You

    Working with someone you know

    Your Neighborhood Guide representatives are familiar with the local consumer and understand the local market. Representatives live in the immediate or local area and are able to visit and support your business for your goals and capacity.

    Deal Creation

    We work with your business to develope a compelling campaign structure that will drive new customers and delivers on performance goals, expectations and service limitations.

    Deal Description

    After creating the structure for your campaign we will work with you in creating your business's promotional copy. We welcome your input and will request important elements, differentiators or awards that best promote your business's brand. Assuring enhanced interest and response to your business.

    Deal Images & Branding

    You will be able to email any photos and logo images for your campaign. Our team will edit and do any enhancements necessary to best showcase them and making sure we keep to your business's brand and it's integrity. If you do not have any photos, we will use stock photos of products or services and create them for you. You will be able to review all promotional copy, it's limitations, and image use.

    Planing your Deal

    Our staff will help you calculate the optimal number of PricedLess customers relative to your business' regular traffic. Calculating that your business is well staffed and ready for the influx of new traffic.

    Deal Promotion Date

    We will give you advance notice of your promtion's run date and prepare you for the day of the promotion with advice on dealing with customers, website and discussion board response support.

    Deal Stats

    View and keep track of redemptions with our online tools. It is easy to track PricedLess vouchers.

    Dealing wth Customers

    Any deal related questions will be handled by our customers support team, you can focus on the new influx of business.

    Deal Terms

    Your contract should be clear and understandable. Material terms and limitations should not be buried where they are hard to find. Stated fees should be inclusive of all incidental costs, including credit card processing fees.