How much will it cost me?

It costs you nothing out-of-pocket. We provide the platform, create a free marketing campaign and send you a check for offers purchased on PricedLess minus a commission fee for the service.

Who collects payments?

Since the service is run by us, PricedLess will collect customer payments for your promotion and distribute the vouchers to customers.

How do I get paid?

After the deal concludes we will mail you a check.

How long before I get payment?

Running a business is challenging enough; you should receive payment well within a month for promotions in which you are dutifully fulfilling services upfront.

Who will see my deal?

The deal you offer will be put in front of thousands of subscribers in your local area. These subscribers then use social media like Facebook and Twitter to share your deal with others, enabling your offer to quickly spread via word of mouth.

How do I decide what offer to run?

PricedLess offers deals that are a minimum of 50% off the current price for your service or item. Deals should fall into one of the following categories: Gift Cards, Vouchers, Online, Packages, and Tickets. Usually, the most successful deals are vouchers that can be redeemed for a given price at your business location, which enables subscribers to choose what they purchase.

Can I choose when my deal is featured?

We want you to be happy with your featured date. To get the most from your offer, PricedLess will schedule your deal based on our calendar's open slots, location mix and your business's optimal target date. Deals are generaly listed within a few weeks of signing a contract ensuring you have enough time to prepare for the deal.

When can customers first redeem their vouchers?

Customers can redeem their voucher the next day after the deal closes. However all vouchers have a "not valid before" date on them.

Do customers have to use their vouchers on the same day my deal is featured?

No. You set the parameters for the deal including the expiration date. Results have shown that fewer restricitons and longer expiration dates show better purchase rates.

Using Customer E-mail Lists?

Our Privacy Policy restricts us from sharing our e-mail lists with third parties.

Deal Terms

Your contract should be clear and understandable. Material terms and limitations should not be buried where they are hard to find. Stated fees should be inclusive of all incidental costs, including credit card processing fees.